Dave Britt

What I’m doing now:

Currently, I am a senior Java developer with a mid-sized eCommerce company, specializing in the hybris platform. Built atop Spring, hybris is the number two eCommerce platform in the marketplace today.

Previously, I was employed as a Senior Java Developer with Altus365, a small company that made a big product: a re-brandable platform that delivered video and other rich-media content to two dozen big-name customers. As one of just three core java developers, I brought more than 15 years of development experience to the team. I love what I do, and I love people, and I am known for having a cohesive, morale-boosting effect on teams. Unfortunately, Altus365 declared chapter 7 bankruptcy, so that’s where that story ends.

I’m versatile, and I have integrity:

I have a full array of skills and technical acumen that make me a valuable and respected asset in any company. I’m an excellent leader with strong communication skills, and enjoy playing a critical role in bringing projects to a successful completion. I’m dedicated and focused on quality.

I like solving problems:

I troubleshoot with insight and tenacity and will pinpoint an issue or identify the right person to engage in order to resolve a problem. I’ve got a diplomatic approach that diffuses finger-pointing and keeps people focused on the problem itself. I will stay with a problem until it’s resolved. By opening channels of communication, soliciting feedback and anticipating and removing potential bottlenecks, I avoid delays and ensure success.

I enjoy helping people:

I’m easy to work with and a great team player, often instrumental in improving the technical skills of my teammates, and I’m always willing to help, even when my own workload is demanding. I’m considered an ideal employee to have on any project.

Technical Proficiencies:

Java | Scala | Wicket | Spring | Hibernate | Struts | CSS | JavaScript | JQuery (+Mobile)
Ajax | SQL | Postgres | DB2 | Lucene | XML | XSL-FO | Maven | Mercurial | JSP | PHP
WebSphere | FogBugz | Kiln | Trello | Photoshop | WordPress | Typography | Web Hosting

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