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David W.Britt
Raleigh / Durham Area, North Carolina, USA •
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executive profile

I’m a Senior Java developer with experience in enterprise and web application development. I’m very personable, and have a positive, cohesive effect that strengthens teams and brings out the best in people. I have excellent communication skills, a good mind, and I love solving problems with insight and tenacity.

Proficiencies: Java | Scala | Wicket | Spring | Hibernate | CSS | JQuery | SQL | Postgres | JSP | Struts | PHP | LAMP

professional experience

March 2012 — August 2013Altus365
Senior Java DeveloperRaleigh, NC
  • Spearheaded development as one of three core engineers of Altus’ cutting-edge rich-media delivery platform. Worked in streamlined agile sprints, promoting continuous process improvement and feature integration.
  • Built reusable and configurable Wicket panels, leveraging Ajax and full i18n support.
  • Developed a standardized configuration map approach, using Scala mixin traits to set bean properties by reflection.
  • Implemented a mobile solution with Wicket and JQuery Mobile, exposing the core features of the platform to mobile browsers, broadening usability.
  • Responsible for task and feature analysis, detailed technical specification write-up with work effort estimation, and full documentation.
  • Demonstrated commitment to writing intelligible code and consistently commented source to minimize future maintenance efforts.
2002–2012 UBS PaineWebber
Java Developer / Lead AssociateInformation Services Division / Mutual Funds Systems
  • Served as project manager and lead developer for 22 enterprise Java web applications in the Mutual Funds Systems area, managing each project through all phases of the development lifecycle, including customer requirement analysis, design discussions, documentation, coding, deployment and customer support in Windows, Unix and mainframe environments.
  • Leveraged the Struts framework to build scalable applications with JSP on WebSphere and mainframe DB2 SQL, adhering to strict internal standards, best practices and security requirements in a highly regulated industry.
  • Coordinated and expedited divisional maintenance initiatives across six development teams.
  • Proactively identified and mitigated potential problems and bottlenecks and communicated these insights to the teams, eliminating duplication of effort.
  • Tracked and reported progress to senior management and developed strategies for maximum efficiency.
  • Built a versatile web-services middle-tier with JAX-WS and XMLBeans to integrate data from many sources for an end-to-end insurance application. This one-stop solution allowed brokers to execute and track sales of specialized insurance products, simplifying a complex and cumbersome process, allowing the firm to expand business into untapped areas.
1998–2001 PaineWebber
Senior Developer / Senior AssociateInformation Services Division / Operations PC Support Group
  • Spearheaded development of a versatile, secure, client-facing mutual fund research tool for PaineWebber’s award-winning online services website. Graceful, flexible, secure and efficient, the interface empowered users of any skill level to conduct in-depth research and make informed purchase decisions. The tool also allowed brokers to research with clients and generate increased sales.
  • Lead developer for the Year 2000 Remediation Strategies Group, charged with re-engineering 14 mission-critical distributed PC applications to maintain PaineWebber’s industry foothold in the new millennium. Focus was on porting non-compliant DOS-based Paradox applications to a Y2K compliant intranet platform. Managed junior developers, influenced technology choices and ensured successful conversion ahead of schedule.
Java | MS IIS | SQL Server | ASP | HTML | DHTML | JavaScript | Visual Basic | Crystal Reports
1994–1997 PaineWebber
Senior Programmer-Analyst II / DBA (MS SQL)Operations Division / Reengineering / PC Strategies Group
Divisional Assistant Vice President
  • Played a critical role in configuring and customizing Vantive’s customer relationship management solution for the PaineWebber service center. Timely and accurate import of sensitive HR data ensured a smooth and successful project launch.
  • Primary database administrator for PaineWebber Operations, Microsoft SQL Server 4.2. Implemented data modeling best practices, performance optimization, intelligent query design, and ensured maximum server up-time and rock-solid stability for 14 critical Operations applications. Regular backup, maintenance and periodic review of system performance ensured high availability, excellent response times and full disaster recovery.
  • Proposed, drafted and pioneered PaineWebber’s first telecommuting program, increasing employee effectiveness and morale, decreasing turnover, reducing employee subsidy, and building company competitiveness. The program continues to this day with core tenets unchanged.
  • Created a 32-bit maintenance and reporting utility to track and remedy suspended financial transactions and reveal true street-side exposure.
  • Engineered a creative division-wide solution for determining the unit cost of every service and product within PaineWebber Operations. System allocated all fixed, semi-fixed and variable expenses by volume to each service or product for each processing area. This innovation allowed more accurate charge-back of operating overhead to the retail division, while statistical analysis revealed areas of concern within the Operations division that might indicate inefficient processing.
MS SQL server 4.2 Administration | Data Modeling | SQL | Visual Basic | C++ | HTML | ASP | Crystal Reports | Paradox


  • Diploma, Mainframe Systems and Programming; COBOL, Assembler, Jes3 JCL – Chubb Institute, Parsippany, NJ
  • Theater, English, Philosophy – William Paterson University, Wayne, NJ

honors and awards

  • UBS Service Excellence Award – For providing outstanding service and demonstrating a spirit of excellence. June, 2005
  • PaineWebber PEER Award Recipient – Chosen by my co-workers in recognition of exemplary performance, positive attitude and dedicated team spirit. May, 1998
  • Awarded a lifetime commission as a Kentucky Colonel by the Governor of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, in consideration of service and contributions to Kentucky and the global community, for work in raising awareness and leading the preservation effort of the Old Salem Cemetery in Logan County, Kentucky. October, 2004

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